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No matter what, I’m better than I was before.


Depression is hard. Mark, like so many others, has struggled with it for years. He would isolate from his friends and family, not answering or returning phone calls. He experienced excessive sleeping, so much that he was missing work. He was visibly affected, even being told by others that he had a “sad look.”

Realizing he needed help, Mark began treatment at Life Management Center. Over the years, he’s seen different counselors and psychiatrists, tried different medications, therapy and interventions. While some treatment options worked for a while, he never had success managing his depression. He was discouraged and ready to give up until Dr. Lewis diagnosed him with treatment-resistant depression and prescribed a new medication called SPRAVATO. Mark quickly began seeing success with the treatment and his depression is successfully managed. He is grateful to Dr. Lewis and all of the team members who have, and continue to help him on his journey.

“No matter what, I’m better than I was before. I am so thankful to Life Management Center. The sad look I had, it’s gone. People see me again. Not only do I feel different, but the people who know me best say the old Mark is back. Having my depression symptoms improve after so many years of struggling has been outrageously amazing for me. I get my treatment. It works. I live my life.”

Life Management Center is the only certified outpatient SPRAVATO treatment center in our area.

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