How to Become a Foster Parent

Right now, in our community, children need homes.

Whether you’ve never had kids, you have kids now, or you’re an empty nester, you can do this. And with a strong local network of resources and support, you’ll never have to do it alone—even if you’re single, work full-time or parent full-time.

As a Foster Parent you can help, or just learn more about becoming a part of our support community.

View a short video of local parents that have tried foster parenting.

Learn about the critical needs in Gulf, Calhoun and Bay County.

Your choice is their chance.

Learn about what your role would be as a foster parent and receive more information by submitting the brief form below.


The need has never been greater.

Last year, over 300 children were removed from their homes because their families were unable or unwilling to care for them. Most of those were placed outside our area, as far away as south Florida, because there weren’t enough foster homes for them here.

“You realize it’s the simple things that really matter, that sense of security and consistency.” —J.R. McCardell, MSgt., Tyndall AFB

Help a child feel safe and secure. The fact that children are being separated from their parents is bad enough. Don’t let them be taken away from everything they know—their friends, their neighbors, their community, OUR community!

Learn what it’s like.

Attend our Virtual Foster Parent Orientations held weekly on Saturdays at 6:00 pm CST.  Contact Taryn at or 850-628-5170 to reserve your spot TODAY!

Find a location near you.

What is a foster parent?

A foster parent provides substitute, temporary care for dependent children where the goal is to reunite foster children and their parents, and to rebuild the family whenever possible. Foster parents help children with a stable and caring environment.

Read more Foster Parent FAQ’s.

Will I receive training?

Yes. You’ll be assigned a licensing specialist who will help you through each stage of the process. You’ll get started with seven weeks of training, one night a week, monthly foster care stipends and additional training opportunities.

See Training for Foster Families.