Foster & Adopt:
Family Support & Child Protection

As many as 700 children in our community experience abuse, neglect or other types of maltreatment at the hands of someone they know and trust. The helplessness that comes with never feeling safe challenges these children on a daily basis. Their inability to trust others and feel valued by those they love can lead to a lifelong legacy of emotional instability. Additionally, a cyclic recurrence of abuse in their own future relationships often continues the tragedy.

Life Management Center is committed to helping prevent abuse before it occurs. Also, when families don’t get the help they need in time, Life Management Center is there to assist with a variety of child and family support services. Some programs help to create a safe and nurturing environment in the family home. Or, in cases where children cannot remain safely in their family home, Life Management Center provides the most important alternatives – family foster homes and adoption services.

Life Management Center’s full scope of Family Support and Child Protection Services include the following:

Life Management Center also provides comprehensive Children’s Services that focus on a variety of personal problem areas affecting children, adolescents, and families.

Appropriate auxiliary aids and services will be provided to qualified persons with disabilities at no cost to the customer or companion, to ensure all customers/companions have equal access to and an opportunity to benefit from services.